Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Teams

Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Teams simplify communication, collaboration, and project management across organizations. Because when business and creative teams work together to develop designs and content, you get impressive results.

Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Teams are the ideal combination for creativity and teamwork. With the Creative Cloud application for Microsoft Teams, designers can easily share their work, get feedback and keep up to date on changes made to their elements.

All creative elements at hand

Creative Cloud files and libraries can be opened in the Microsoft team workspace with just a few clicks. Creative Cloud for Microsoft Teams supports all Creative Cloud file formats, including PSD, AI, INDD and XD. When files stored in Creative Cloud are shared via Microsoft Teams, all team members within the chat environment will see a direct link.

Faster Voting

Use Microsoft Teams to easily share and collaborate on creative content. Call them directly from the Microsoft Teams workspace. You can even place files directly on tabs so team members can find them instantly. You'll also be notified within Microsoft Teams when comments are added or changes made. So you're always up to date.

Efficient Prototyping Release

Creative Cloud for Microsoft Teams supports Adobe XD files and simplifies collaboration on Adobe XD prototypes and design specifications. When you insert an XD link into a Microsoft Team chat, team members see a summary and thumbnail of your project. Comments on approved prototypes and design specifications can be tracked in Microsoft Teams via notification.

No additional costs, no additional setup

Subscribers of Creative Cloud for Teams can take advantage of this integration at no additional cost. For organizations with up to 300 users, Microsoft Teams is available free of charge. Simply download Microsoft Teams and add the Creative Cloud app for free from the Microsoft Teams Store.

Download Creative Cloud Application for Your Team

  • Log in to your Microsoft Teams web account at or download and use the Microsoft Teams desktop application.
  • Click Store on the sidebar and select Adobe Creative Cloud from the list of applications and services or directly click Adobe Creative Cloud App for Microsoft Teams
  • Select your team from the Add to a team drop-down list in the pop-up, and then click Install.
  • Select the channel in which the application is to be used in the popup and set up the desired functions - Bot, Tab or Messaging.