"Night mode" is becoming more and more popular for applications. If you're tired of the bright layout of Windows and the colors of Office applications, you can set dark designs here as well.

Windows 10

For Windows 10 right-click on the desktop and select "Customize". The window with the settings opens. In the left menu select "Colors". The option "Select standard app mode" is located at the lower end of the color settings. There you can choose between "Light" and "Dark".


Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams Desktop app can also be switched to a dark design. To do this, click on your Account in the app, which is located at the top right and select "Settings". The window with the settings opens. Under the menu item "General" you will find the section "Design" at the top. If you select "Dark" here, the app is immediately displayed in the dark design.


Microsoft To-Do

The desktop app Microsoft To-Do can also be displayed in a dark design. The change is made by clicking on Accounts in the upper left corner and then selecting "Settings". The settings will open and in the section "Design" you can select "Dark design".


Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, etc.)

To convert the Office applications start any Office application (Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint). Via "File" in the upper menu band select "Options". The window with the settings opens. Under the menu item "General" in the section "Personalize Microsoft Office Copy" you will find the option "Office Design". Here you can choose the design "Dark grey" or even "Black".

Word for Office 365


Excel for Office 365


PowerPoint for Office 365


Project Professional


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