ServiceNow Release - Version Jakarta

ServiceNow Jakarta sets new standards for customers. Its cross-platform capabilites in the area of Artificial Intelligence and applications for Azure administration and AWS subscriptions are outstanding.

Numerous cloud services of ServiceNow help you optimize the management of your enterprise without having to install a local infrastructure. Last ServiceNow release named Istanbul already provided users with various applications in all relevant management areas, among other things in IT Operations Management (ITOM), IT Business Management (ITBM), Transition Management, Application Development and Performance Analytics.

By combining tools and applications from different management areas, redundant programs are unified, your company’s workflow will thus be improved and your efficiency will be increased. The automation of time-consuming tasks and the easy online access enhance the productivity and satisfaction of your employees.


Improvements of ServiceNow Jakarta

Jakarta release aims at improving the performance and ease of use of the cloud platform, security functions, Human Resources (HR) and IT Management. For this purpose, the functionality of the Jakarta version has been extended by 30 improvements and 6 new applications. Some improvements are listed below:

  • 10 new Benchmark KPIs to modernize ITSM
  • Improved predictive alerts to eliminate service outages
  • Simplified cloud management due to a cloud user portal
  • Jakarta version features real-time analytics with improved predictions
  • NOW Platform’s performance has been increased by about 30%


The 6 new applications

Software Asset Management and Financial Reporting support your ITBM by a better control of inventory, revenues and expenses and thus help you reduce costs permanently.

In the Security area, there exists now a service for the Vendor Risk Management. Trusted Security Circles are, however, a more interesting feature. They issue warnings of threats and attacks nearly in real-time, thus enabling you to react early enough.

With the new communities in Customer Service Management and guided forms tours in Business Apps/Custom Apps, you will get your work done much faster when implementing new applications and solving customer problems.

Applications for Enterprise Onboarding and Transition Management in HR improve your own employees’ experience.


Main areas of Artificial Intelligence

In addition to predictions based on pre-defined predictive models, Intelligent Automation Engine of ServiceNow comprises the following new capabilities:

  • Outage predictions based on analyses of historical data and events
  • Predictions on the achievement of set targets
  • Automatic routing and categorizing of tasks
  • Benchmarking with other ServiceNow customers of the same line of business