ServiceNow Kingston Release


In the Kingston release, ServiceNow introduces three innovative applications and a number of performance enhancements to improve user experience and drive digital transformation with intelligent apps.

ServiceNow is introducing a breakthrough approach to make machine learning more accessible to organizations – one that does not rely on an army of data scientists. Machine learning capabilities have been infused directly into the Now Platform, making it available to all cloud services and other applications built on ServiceNow. Agent Intelligence helps automate business processes and places the focus further on service ownership, innovation, and strategy.

Machine learning for everyday work

Agent Intelligence uses supervised machine learning to accurately categorize, prioritize, and assign incidents and cases reducing resolution times, minimizing human error, and improving customer satisfaction. It uses an organization’s own data to create finely tuned predictive models. The accuracy of these models continually increases over time, with more data to train with. ServiceNow is initially applying Agent Intelligence to improve the speed and quality of IT Service Management and Customer Service Management processes. Agent Intelligence can also be used in custom applications that have a significant amount of historical data – typically around 50,000 records.

IT Operations Management speeds service mapping adoption and accuracy by automatically identifying service mapping candidates through traffic-based discovery and refining the initial (service maps) with network information and machine-learning algorithms.

No code process automation

With ServiceNow release Kingston everyone can now use the power of the Now Platform in a way that previously wasn’t possible. Now non-coders can use Flow Designer to create process flows for projects and work – such as sending a notification. Flow Designer works across ServiceNow products and applications and is orchestrating with 3rd party applications. ServiceNow introduced IntegrationHub, which is a next generation Orchestration solution and extends Flow Designer with integration support to write codeless flows with 3rd party systems (Includes packaged integrations for Slack, Microsoft Teams und HipChat).

User Experience Innovations

The new Major Incident Management capability provides an end-to-end process workflow for rapid resolution of high-impact incidents. A new systematic way to deal with incidents before they significantly impair your business. Customer Service Management includes Escalation Management which puts focus on problematic cases and accounts to reduce customer frustration.

Guided User Experience (in) IT Operations Management delivers faster time to service visibility by guiding users through the process of simultaneously mapping multiple services and refining service maps in a simple, new user interface. New Performance Analytics KPIs such as average open alerts, average time for alerts and percentage of new critical alerts offer greater insight into alert activity. Text Analytics provides insight into unstructured data in user-entered text fields via word cloud visualizations that surface frequently used words. You can drill down on specific words to identify trends and associations and take action by clicking into related records.

Response Templates for HR Service Delivery, enables HR admin to create personalized email templates for quick, accurate, and consistent responses to employees. Security Operations contains new End-to-End Phishing Response capabilities which allows security teams to quickly take corrective actions against user-reported email attacks.

Extensions and improvements in ServiceNow Version Kingston:

  • Reduce IT incident triage time and customer service response times with Agent Intelligence
  • Identify and resolve critical IT service outages faster with Major Incident Management
  • Use traffic-based discovery to accelerate the creation of service maps with IT Operations Management
  • Manage key project portfolio management tasks in one place with Project Workspace
  • Uncover deep insights on unstructured data with Text Analytics
  • Empower non-developers to automate business processes with Flow Designer
  • Connect process flows to external services easily with IntegrationHub
  • Remediate user-reported email attacks quickly with End-to-End Phishing Response
  • Focus on problematic cases and accounts with Escalation Management
  • Resolve HR cases faster with Response Templates
  • And much more.