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Hyperscaler Cloud Solutions

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Whether it's security, integration or workload migration, delivering leading cloud platforms is our topic.

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Microsoft Azure

Scalable, flexible and open cloud computing platform.

Microsoft 365

Modern and secure platform for team collaboration.


Agile and flexible platform for process and workflow digitisation.

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Digitalisation & Transformation

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Whether smart and compact or integrated and complex, the agile implementation of your visions and goals on flexible platforms is our topic.

Here are some examples of client goals that we have successfully implemented!

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Digitalisation of municipal project management, including citizen information.

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Complete automation of the provision of one of the largest telephone systems in Europe.

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Digitalisation of skills management for 8,000 employees of an IT service provider.

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Scalable backend for the POS systems of one of the largest franchisors in Germany.

Managed Cloud Services

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Whether partial responsibility, complete responsibility or in a team, the secure availability of your cloud workloads is our topic.

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Metropol Services®

Cloud-based managed IT service for medium-sized companies.
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Managed Cloud Services

Standardised service modules as a managed service for cloud platforms.
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Cloud Solution Provider

Bundle all your providers' cloud subscriptions into one contract.


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