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You take care of your
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You take care of your business. And your IT?
Our topic!

Syscovery Metropol Services® are managed IT services for small and medium-sized businesses. Metropol Services® are adaptable to every customer situation according to the modular principle. So you only pay for what you really need. With Metropol Services® you help your employees, monitor your systems, have your network under control and manage your Microsoft 365, thus relieving your IT department and ensuring continuity in the event of illness, holidays or other staff shortages. Read on this page how we can support your company with syscovery Metropol Services®.

Metropol Services® support your business goals


Increase your availability

Metropol Services® successively increase the availability of your IT through built-in early problem detection and regular health checks for all key systems.

Make room for solutions

Metropol Services® relieve your IT staff of routine tasks and can alternatively take over entire task areas to make room for new solutions.

Make your IT calculable

Metropol Services® are provided to you on a modular basis and can be adjusted monthly. So you only use what you really need.

Take care of your business

At Syscovery, we take care of your IT with our Metropol Services® so you can take care of what matters most - your business.


Metropol Services easy to use.

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Metropol Services® are a unique offering!

Flexible, customisable and always up-to-date



We take over the round-the-clock monitoring of your systems for you. In this way, problems and their causes are recognised immediately upon their occurrence - an essential prerequisite for minimising downtimes. In an emergency, we will intervene and keep you up to date.

24/7 system monitoring

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The proactive daily health check is like a health check-up for your systems. We check your security systems (virus protection, backup, etc.) and key performance indicators. If necessary, you decide whether we should intervene.

Daily health check

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

We provide you with our cloud-based system management software. This gives you a range of functions for your IT that otherwise only large corporations can afford. Of course, you don't have to worry about that. This is part of our service.

State-of-the-art software

Available for Server, Desktops and other network components.

Closing security gaps and installing new updates is now part of the Admin's main task. We automate these tasks and create freedom for your IT staff. Whether operating system, virus scanner or application software our system automates important updates if necessary.

Be up to date, be safe!

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

With regular reports we document your system status and our work. You will be informed immediately by e-mail about critical errors. This creates real transparency. At the same time, you receive the planning information you need to make informed decisions.

Information at your fingertips

Of course we are also at your disposal personally. Through additional services such as helpdesk, on-call service or holiday representatives and always on site if you wish. We offer you access to our entire team as if it were yours.

Virtual IT department



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