Agile Interim Services

Agile Interim Services

For temporary support of your teams, our experienced Agile Coaches are available as interim support in the roles of Scrum Masters, Product Owners or Kanban Coaches.

Situations in which a company needs short-term support are nothing unusual. Whether it's the reorientation of a company, the bridging of personnel bottlenecks or support in the initial phase of an agile transformation. The reasons can be complex. To ensure that your company does not come to a standstill and remains capable of acting, we provide operational support in agile roles. Through the cooperation of our experienced professionals, who support you in a targeted and needs-based manner, your teams gain orientation and experience the practical exercise of agile working methods in their everyday work.


Agile, efficient and reliable!

We also support you in your agile projects at short notice.

Scrum Master

In the role of Scrum Master we support your teams in the different events like Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, Daily Scrum and Backlog Refinement.

Product Owner

Our Product Owner designs your product in consultation with relevant stakeholders to maximise its benefits. This includes the continuous maintenance of the product backlog and close communication with the development team.

Kanban Coach

As Kanban Coach we support your teams in prioritising their tasks, we conduct replenishment meetings and try to further improve established systems with the help of retrospectives.

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