ServiceNow Release: What's new in Jakarta?

With Jakarta, ServiceNow is setting new standards for customers. Standouts include cross-platform artificial intelligence capabilities and the application for managing Azure and AWS subscriptions.

Already the last ServiceNow release version Istanbul provided users with various applications in all relevant management areas, including IT Operations Management (ITOM), IT Business Management (ITBM), Transition Management, Application Development and Performance Analysis.

By bringing together tools and applications from different management areas, redundant programmes are unified, your organisation's workflow is improved and your efficiency is increased. The automation of time-consuming tasks and easy online access also increase the satisfaction and productivity of your staff.


The enhancements of the ServiceNow version Jakarta

The new ServiceNow release aimed to improve the performance and usability of the cloud platform, security features, human resources (HR) and IT management. The Jakarta release adds 30 enhancements and 6 new applications to the feature set to achieve this. Here are some improvements:

  • 10 new benchmark KPIs to modernise ITSM
  • Improved alert predictions that effectively prevent service outages
  • Easier cloud management through a cloud user portal
  • Real-time analytics with improved predictions
  • The performance of the NOW Platform has been increased by about 30%


The 7 new applications

Software Asset Management and Financial Reporting support your ITBM by giving you better control over inventory, revenue and expenses and help you to reduce costs permanently.

In the area of security, there is now a service for vendor risk management. Of greater interest, however, are the Trusted Security Circles. Through these, you are warned of attacks and dangers almost in real time and can react in good time.

The new Communities in Customer Service Management and Guided Form Tours in Business Apps/Custom Apps increase the speed with which you can implement new applications and solve customer problems.

Enterprise onboarding and transition management apps in HR improve the experience of their own employees.


Main areas of AI

In addition to predictions based on predefined predictive models, the ServiceNow Intelligent Automation Engine includes the following innovations:

  • Failure predictions from analyses of historical data and events
  • Predictions about the achievement of set goals
  • Automatic task routing and categorisation
  • Performance comparisons with other ServiceNow customers in the same industry (benchmarking)