ServiceNow Release: What's new in Kingston?

With the new Kingston release, ServiceNow introduces three innovative applications and a range of enhancements to optimise the user experience and support digital transformation with intelligent applications.

With a breakthrough approach, ServiceNow makes it easier for organisations to access machine learning and an approach that does not require a mass of database specialists. Machine learning has been integrated directly into the Now platform so that all cloud services and other ServiceNow applications can access it. With Agent Intelligence, business processes can be automated and even more focus can be placed on service ownership, innovation and strategy.

Machine Learning for Everyday Work

Agent Intelligence uses supervised machine learning to accurately categorise, prioritise and assign incidents and cases. Reducing problem resolution time and minimising human error simultaneously increases customer satisfaction. Intelligent use of customer data enables the creation of precisely tuned predictive models. The accuracy of these models increases as more data becomes available. ServiceNow primarily uses Agent Intelligence to improve the speed and quality of processes in the areas of IT Service Management and Customer Service Management. Agent Intelligence can also be used in principle for customer applications with large amounts of historical data, typically from around 50,000 data records upwards.

In the area of IT Operations Management, adoption and accuracy in service mapping is accelerated. This is possible by automatically identifying service mapping candidates using Traffic-Based Discovery and matching the original service maps with network information and machine-learning algorithms.

Process automation without programming skills

The new Kingston release now allows all users to use the Now platform in a new way that was not possible before. Even employees who do not have programming skills can create process flows for projects and work steps and send notifications, for example. Flow Designer can be used for all ServiceNow products and applications and can be used with third-party solutions. With the IntegrationHub, a next-generation orchestration solution, Flow Designer is extended and there is the possibility to write flows in "simple" language and to connect external services (for example with integration packages for Slack, Microsoft Teams and HipChat).

Innovations in User Experience

The new Major Incident Management enables an end-to-end workflow for the rapid resolution of critical incidents. This provides a new systematic way to handle incidents before business processes are significantly disrupted. Customer Service Management with Escalation Management now includes the ability to focus on problematic cases and accounts to increase customer satisfaction.

Guided User Experience in IT Operations Management facilitates the quick visibility of services thanks to a new and simple user interface. This guides the user through the various processes, such as mapping multiple services and implementing service maps. New Performance Analytics KPIs such as "Open Alerts", "Average Time for Alerts" and "Percentage of New Critical Alerts" provide more detailed insight into alert activities. Text Analytics provides insight into unstructured data in text fields entered by users. Keywords are identified based on Word Cloud visualisation. Using these specific keywords, trends and associations can be identified and by clicking on the related records, it is possible to take action.

Response Templates for HR Service Delivery provide HR with the ability to create personalised email templates to communicate quickly, accurately and consistently with employees. With the new End-to-End Phishing Response feature in Security Operations, email attacks reported by users can be quickly defended against.

Additions and enhancements in the new ServiceNow version Kingston at a glance:

  • Reduce the time it takes to categorise and prioritise incidents, as well as support response time with Agent Intelligence
  • Faster identification and resolution of critical service outages with Major Incident Management
  • Accelerated creation of service maps thanks to traffic-based discovery in IT Operations Management
  • Manage Project Portfolio Management tasks in a unified interface with Project Workspace
  • Increased insight into unstructured data with Text Analytics
  • Employees without programming skills are given the opportunity to automate business processes thanks to Flow Designer
  • Easy connection of process flows to external services with IntegrationHub
  • Fast resolution of email attacks with End-to-End Phishing Response
  • Focus on problematic cases and accounts with Escalation Management
  • Faster resolution of HR cases with Response Templates
  • And much more.