Agile Trainings

Agile Trainings

Our trainers draw on a wealth of experience and teach you the values and content of agile working methods in varied and methodologically sound training sessions.


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Kanban training from Syscovery

Kanban is a lightweight method that leads step-by-step and continuously to the improvement of process flows. By visualising existing workflows and working with a limited pull system, teams can organise their work independently and optimise processes. Problems in existing workflows become apparent after a short time and can be eliminated sustainably. As a result, the predictability of the process improves and throughput times are shortened. In addition to higher customer satisfaction, Kanban leads to a high degree of transparency, helps to prioritise work in a simple way and actively promotes communication and self-organisation of teams.

Syscovery offers efficient training measures that help you to quickly establish Kanban in your company.


  • Kanban Advanced <small>Apply and implement Kanban</small>

    Kanban Advanced Apply and implement Kanban

  • Kanban Bridge <small>From user to pro</small>

    Kanban Bridge From user to pro

  • Kanban Essentials <small>Understand and use Kanban</small>

    Kanban Essentials Understand and use Kanban



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